Praise for “My Home” country inn

Want to turn back the clock one century to relax and slow down? Want to get close to the culture of the famous diamond mining region of Minas Gerais state? How about some gentle hiking to (take your pick) 14 waterfalls? This North American did all that with his Brasilian wife and we stretched out our stay to a week at this high value, low cost vacation site.

Owner Andrea is warm, smart, and loves what she does: provide a home base for what you want to get out of your vacation. She brings the big-city values of discernment, ambition, sophistication and knowledge to a deeply traditional rural environment.  She creates simple, hearty, country food with originality and bounty, and while willing to engage the guests and  give attention and comfort, she remains unobtrusive. Andrea’s gardens are organic and appropriate to the site, functional and producing bounty that becomes part of the meals.

Your room with full bath in her home is simple and clean,(but not aseptic)  with all the basics fully functioning in a newly renovated 103 year old house which was the first to be built in the town as the construction of the railroad brought burgeoning regional commerce into the area. Andrea Moreira has opened this third generation home she shares with her adolescent daughter to guests exploring the town’s natural resources.

Her website gives the details and photos, but if you want to read   more, click here.

More about Conselheiro Mata and Andrea’s country inn.

Owner/host Andrea is leading the way for this indolent, sleepy village to open itself to reveal its magnificent natural beauty to all who seek something off the beaten path. She has established convivial relations with the local people including a cutting edge environmental and spiritual group which brings a special flavor to the entire region. This town is also the site of a Christian Academy which once attracted students from prosperous farms and successful diamond mining families for generations, and is now a public day-school open to all. Even the local bar/restaurant promotes peace and relaxation with a sign out front proclaiming  “No loud music from your car.”

Step away from town square a short distance west and find laundry being washed in the traditional way: on 1.2 billion year old flat rocks beside a small stream. Go an equal distance east, down a steep path and be soothed by the cascade of Fadas waterfall.

Some folks accustomed to city noise of car alarms, busses, trucks and party-goers may find the sounds of the village awakening in the morning strange: others may find it soothing. For us, day began with the sound of bread being delivered throughout the village, and cows moving from corral to pasture. Reassuring.

Quero agradecer a este casal maravilhoso que tive o previlégio de receber em minha humilde pousadinha, que ficou grande com a presença deles. Obrigada Marília e Bill, por todo carinho e espero no mínimo mantermos contato, pois já os considero de minha família. Fiquem com Deus.

Abraços meu e da Lud.

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